Killer Covers are not only skinsafe and easy to use, they are also Reusable!!!!!

Designed for body painters by a body painter!

Killer Covers are your latex free, pain free, nontoxic, skin safe, and biodegradable solution, to camouflaging the breast for body paint. 

Killer Stencils!!! A whole new system for body and face painters!

Killer Stencils are a brand new line of tools to help you create massive body art designs, or intricate face paintings with record speed  and unbelievable details. The stencils are laser cut, to ensure maximum accuracy, and precision.

  It's also the first of it's kind! The system is uniquely designed to be stored in a 3 ring binder to help you keep your entire collection at your fingertips. Easy to find, neat and organized, so you can focus on your art.