Killer Covers Instructions and Important Info!


This info is dedicated to help our customers know everything they should to get the best results from their Killer Covers pasties. Using them is extremely simple, but there are a few things you should understand before trying them for the first time.

What makes them so great is that they are skin safe, latex free, hypoallergenic, and so pain free your models will love you for using them. Also the texture of them is skin like, and super stretchy, purposely made to react like actual skin. They are also 100% biodegradable. This is a great thing, but with that said, this also means they are not indestructible. They do have their limits, and while developing this I thought long and hard about releasing them to the universe. Ultimately your view of them will be derived from how well you treat them. Here are a few things you should know to properly care for them.

Prozaide Not Included

You will need to purchase Prozaide or a similar skin safe adhesive to apply. In order to keep the price down it is not included.

Keep Away From Extreme Heat

While body heat and hotter weather won't have an effect on Killer Covers, being left in a blazing hot car  for hours in the summer or super hot climates definitely will! Prolonged exposure to extreme heat conditions can cause them to melt, and become unusable. A good rule of thumb, if you wouldn't leave your pet or small child in the heat, don't leave your Killer Covers there either. Many other body and face painting products are the same, and for best results you should obey their warnings. And for Killer Covers it is definitely important!

Keep Away From Water

Obviously water based paint is fine for them, but being exposed to water for long periods will cause them to breakdown. If you are planning to throw a painted mermaid in a pool.... be warned , you will end up with 2 piles of goo. Sweat will not affect them, but long exposure to water, especially hot water will destroy them.

Directions For Application

1. Cut open package (if you are planning to reuse, slice open the side and save the vacu-seal bag to replace them for storage.)

2. Lay them flat on the outside of the bag, sticker side up, and remove sticker, this is the inside of the pastie.

3. Load up a cotton swab with prozaide and run a bead around the edge, staying far away from the center area. About the size of a cotton swab head is a good distance, but do be sure to go out to the very edge. This will help the edges to lay down seamless. Allow adhesive to "tack up", normally just a few minutes.

4. Starting at the bottom press pastie down to the skin and slowly work upward on both sides until you reach the top making sure not to leave any wrinkles. if pastie starts to wrinkle peel back and reapply until perfectly smooth. Once on have the model press firmly around all areas to ensure a strong bond.

5. While painting, if you notice any edges not laying down completely, re apply adhesive with a swab under the trouble area, and have the model hold down until dry.

Directions For Reuse

Killer Covers can be reused IF you follow these simple directions and care for them properly! 

Remove the pasties BEFORE the model takes a shower! In most cases you can work up an edge and slowly remove, being cautious to not tear the edges. If they don't release easily from the skin load a cotton swab with 91 or 99% alcohol and gently work around the edge and peal back from the skin. The pastie should be removed extremely easy, causing absolutely no pain to the model.

After the Killer Covers have been removed follow these quick steps:

1. Lay them flat on a clean surface area or paper towel.

2. Gently clean the inside and outside surface using only alcohol on a cotton swab or paper towel. It is important to not use water for this.

3. Once the pasties have been cleaned, lightly dust them with powder to remove the tackiness. No reason to overdo the powder!

4. If you kept the packaging, lay them FLAT back in their places, not touching each other. You can fold the package over as it was, and for best results place the package into a ziplock and press out all of the air and seal. The less exposure to air, the longer life you will get from them.

Every pairs life is different, but so far painters that follow these guidelines have been able to get 3 to 4 uses each pair. If you just peal them off and ball them up and leave them in your kit till next time, you will be a proud owner of a ball of goop. Huzzah!