Killer Stencils


Welcome to Killer Stencils. Our new not so new little side adventure. They've actually been working on them for years, just not too many knew about it.

As an airbrush body artist we rely on stencil work for lots of our detail, or even laying down structure quickly so we can move to other things. I started making them for myself to work on my own art and when people started seeing them and wanting what I was using, Killer Stencils was born.

The Binder System

As I was coming up with designs and cramming them into a folder or a bin and losing everything I decided to make organization a little easier and came up with making most of them sized and easy to store in any style 3 ring binder. Low profile generic ones, to massive keepers with zippered pouches!!! But the idea being that you can keep them all neatly packed away and easy to organize and store so you aren’t scrambling at a gig 6 months later when you need that specific one again. This will be my main series, while here and there I will have special sets that don’t necessarily fit into the ring system but need to be stored in sleeves.

I hope you like what I create and find my designs useful. There are lots to come, many basic helpers and lots of pretty unique designs from my own creative little brain.